Glass Curtain Wall LED Display Leads The New Fashion Of outdoor Media

With the high speed of modern economy development, the outdoor media has been the new favourite of advertising. Especially along with the emergence of new technology, new concept and new thinking, outdoor advertising develops new medium suit for brand promotion, which will increase new motivation and power for spread of modern brands.

There is no doubt that LED display is a very important choice of outdoor media, which benefits from its incomparable publicity effect. While the emergence of glass curtain wall LED display makes its publicity effect more shocking and it has been the new fashion leader of outdoor media. So why the glass curtain LED display can lead the new fashion of outdoor media?

Firstly, with the strong visual impact, the glass curtain LED display can create special dissemination value. The styles of modern outdoor advertising media are more and more diverse, so people are more and more strict with outdoor media, which cause traditional Ad lamp case, neon light and others single forms no longer satisfied by audiences. Glass Curtain Wall LED display is with big screen area , clear and striking picture , amazing color, high transparency , and broad perspective. Its special form of advertising has a strong visual impact, which attracts the attention of city people.

Secondly, high use probability and broad coverage areas. Now, glass curtain wall LED display is usually mounted on buildings with glass curtain wall, for example, commercial buildings, banks, shopping malls, shopping centers, theaters and so on. While most of these places are urban commercial circle, main traffic road and others places with extremely big people currency. According to media surveys : the average weekly use probability of LED big screen media is 61.8%, the monthly use probability is 79.3%, 30% audiences actively pay attention to LED big screen advertising media, and they will keep their eyes on screen for about 15.1 seconds.

Thirdly, green energy and high technical content. In recent years, the state has been calling for energy saving and emission reduction to reduce the urban pollution. The glass curtain wall LED display is not only with high transparency, light structure, but also with good heat dissipation performance. This LED display basically no light pollution, can save 30% energy than regular screen which caters to “ green city”development concept.

Glass curtain wall LED display exploits a new application domain for outdoor advertising media and becomes a high quality outdoor media resource, whose long-term prospects is very bright.