World’s Largest Interactive LED Floor Project

Recently, the Shenzhen Red Cube Museum had its grand opening. The world’s largest interactive LED floor project adds brilliant for the opening ceremony, which is also a significant part of the Shenzhen Red Cube City Planning Museum in creating the country’s largest five-screen multimedia interactive sand table.

The opening ceremony was held in the Xiangyu Hall on the B1 floor of the Shenzhen Red Cube Museum of Public Art and City Planning. The L-shaped screen, with a total area of 600 m², consists of the 170 m² vertical screen and the 430 m² interactive LED floor. This is the world’s largest interactive LED floor project made up of light and reliable VISS NX series.

At the opening ceremony, the L-shaped screen, artistic projection gauze on both sides, and the reflective device on the top formed a five-screen, super-size, and high-specification display environment; combined with the customized L-shaped screen movie effect, it displayed the introduction about the Shenzhen Red Cube Museum to the visitors. At the same time, numerous and dazzling pictures coordinated with different performance styles and forms of the children and robots on the scene, creating a warm and active opening atmosphere. The large-size LED vertical screen and the LED floor jointly created a multi-level three-dimensional space, bringing shock and immersive effects.