EC4L and EC5L newly launched. It is belongs to VISS EC series, making its debut in 2017. It is a high-end solution for concert stages, TV studios, commercial stands, and a variety of other creative displays.

EC4L and EC5L has been launched with innovative technology. Its strengths are as following, but not limited to:concave and convex with easy operations; tool-less and quick service from rear; fast and accurate assembly; rotated installations possible; favorable size and weight.

It is an ideal solution to custom your stage with creative display. EC series comes in tiles of 500x500mm, 7.5kg, and 500x1000mm, 13.5kg; These two tiles can be used together to make your designs more flexible, and thanks to the super light weight, make it installation fast and significantly reduce the operating costs of transportation.

For your better understanding about EC series, let’s study the main specification of this EC4L and EC5L screens.

As a functional display product, it’s IP65 standard make the EC4L and EC5L can be used both outdoor and indoor events. Due to their high refresh rate which up to 2880Hz, the screen’s effect shows more smoothly to the client. Something difference is that the EC4L’s pixel pitch is 4.8mm while the EC5L’S pixel pitch is 5.9mm, they can meet customer’s requirements for actual project. Moreover, EC4L have 4500nits brightness and EC5L have 4000nits, the screens will get a great viewing experience during the outdoor daylight.

EC4L/5L Specification
Parameter Value Value
Pixel Configuration  SMD3IN1  SMD3IN1
Pixel Pitch (mm) 4.8 5.9
LED Quantity/panel 84X168 104X209
Panel Dimensions (LxWxH)/(mm) 500X1000X50 500X1000X50
Panel weight (kg) 7.5 13.5
Color Grayscale (Bit) 14 14
Refresh Rate(Hz) 2880Hz 2880Hz
Shortest Viewing Distance 5m 6m
Brightness(cd/m2) 4500 4000
Color Contrast 2000:1 2000:1
Optimal Horizontal Viewing Angle(°) 140 140
Optimal Vertical Viewing Angle(°) 120 120
AC Input Voltage(V) 110~240 110~240
AC Input Frequency(Hz) 50/60 50/60
AC Input Power Maximum Value(W/panel) 300 300
AC Input Power Typical Value(W/panel) 100 100
Operating Temperature(℃) ﹣10~﹢40 ﹣10~﹢40
Operating Humidity(RH) 10﹪~90﹪ 10﹪~90﹪
IP rating (Front/Rear) IP54 IP54
Lifetime Typical Value(hrs) >50000 >50000
certificate CE CE