Many people may not know the LED display has been flashing, on behalf of the more impact on the display, flashing not only affect the quality of the playback screen, but also affect the mood of the audience, resulting in LED display flashing what? What should be troubleshooting? The following is the LED The display screen manufacturers together to send you on the display of the reasons for the flash and the solution.

LED display flashing reasons are the following 5 points:
1. Driver loader is wrong.
2. The cable between the computer and the screen is too long, resulting in poor signal. Or network cable failure, such as cable crystal head contact bad and so on.
3. send a bad card or control card, check the control card on the small lights are lit, if not bright on the bad.
4. Is the connection between the power supply and the control card shorted?
5. Power supply output voltage and current instability, with control card power supply with too much cell board.

LED display flicker to solve ideas and methods:
If it is the whole screen to spend the point, the picture of the new move, the driver is usually loaded wrong, re-check the driver loader, it is not unloading reload.
There is a possibility that the sending card is broken, this time you need to replace the send card.
If it is irregular flicker, the general is the system frequency problem. Replace the system, or adjust the settings parameters, the basic can be resolved!
If it is a little bit of flashing state, there may be graphics card driver problem, there may be sending card resolution settings.

Another possibility is the power supply problem (power supply shortage, information clutter, electromagnetic interference), the design of PCB to consider the power and signal traces of the wire diameter, and PCB production process. There are some improvements in the number of capacitors on the module. If the text is flashing with the text (there are irregular white side of the text, irregular flashing, the text disappears after disappearing), this is the graphics card set the problem, in the display properties to cancel the “menu under the hidden”, “edge smooth transition effect” The Can solve such problems. Above is the LED display flashing causes and solutions, if there are good methods or other problems raised, welcome to “Tucao”!