The country has entered the summer, summer and more thunderstorms, bad weather is also the LED display test, LED display in the electronic components of high integration, the sensitivity of the interference is also increasing, lightning can be through a variety of ways Hazard the display, such as being hit, the lightning current through the place will cause the machine, electricity, heat damage, so LED display caused serious damage. Or even cause a fire. Therefore, the LED display lightning protection is essential. The following small series finishing the LED display lightning protection measures for reference.

LED display lightning measures:
1, for the direct lightning protection, in the LED display (outdoor) support structure on the installation of lightning rod, indoor LED display or next to the tall buildings of the LED display, you can not consider the installation of lightning rod.
2, for the steel structure of the counterattack, the structure just with the ED display shell connected to do the equipotential, and do a good job grounding, grounding resistance is generally less than 10 ohms, if the resistance does not meet the requirements, we must do Additional artificial ground wire. Lightning device should also be grounded.
3, for the power line induction lightning current, in the power line to install single-phase or three-phase power lightning protection device. The cross-sectional area of the link line of the phase line can not be less than 10mm square, and the cross-sectional area of the connecting ground can not be less than 16mm square.
4, for the signal line induced lightning current, in the signal line to install the signal lightning protection device. Signal arrester according to the system’s signal interface, if it is the network cable is installed network signal lightning protection device, the serial interface is installed DB9 interface lightning protection device and so on. The connection area of the ground wire can not be less than 1.5mm square.
LED display lightning protection system diagram
Finally, for how to use the LED display in harsh conditions, a few suggestions:
First of all, to regularly check the hook at the firm situation, if loose phenomenon, pay attention to timely adjustment, re-reinforcement or re-hoisting.
Second, according to the LED display in which the environment, to avoid insect bites, if necessary, to place rodenticide.
Again, install the LED display should avoid looking at ultraviolet light, to avoid direct sunlight for a long time.
Finally, the grounding socket must be installed correctly, to avoid zero, FireWire transfer error. If power is always off, check the power supply carefully.
LED display because of its excellent transmission function is the majority of business use, Xiaobian to remind you business, thunderstorms high period, please use the LED display. To avoid the fire is the biggest savings.