Correct The Preparation of The LED Display

Different use of the environment, LED display received the same effect is not the same. General LED electronic screen after prolonged use, especially in the outdoor advertising screen, by the wind and rain erosion of the sun, the screen more or less appear “Huaping” phenomenon, there will be a bright, Too bright phenomenon. These phenomena are not unresolved, the current general LED display series with a point by point correction function, the screen body to correct what on the line. But in order to achieve better results, before the correction, we also need to do some preparatory work. Calibration needs to be carried out in an environment free of wind, rain and fog, so customers are required to give correction time according to the local weather environment or take relevant measures to ensure that the acquisition equipment as far as possible in the absence of interference to collect accurate data, and ultimately to the most Good correction effect. At the same time in the screen body: first to clean the LED display, remove the lamp and the mask on the dust and stains, to avoid its impact on the brightness. If you want to change the mask, please ensure that the mask color is consistent with the previous, otherwise the display will be affected, especially during the day, after the correction is not improved. Second, to replace the bad function of the module: part of the light is not bright, dead lights more, the scan is not normal, the overall light point too dark (resistance may not), cable or socket problems affect the display, and so on The To ensure that the final display, scanning, the screen is normal, no dark, bright, bright and so on. Finally upgrade the receiving card: If the current use of the receiving card does not support the correction or with enough points, need to upgrade. Due to the existence of dead card card upgrade card risk, customers need to contact the control system in advance to upgrade or LED display manufacturers to deal with.