As a new era of outdoor media darling – full color outdoor LED display, thanks to the rapid development of outdoor advertising, which is more than 25% annual growth rate of rapid growth, by virtue of their vivid real visual experience, making the whole Color LED display has become an indispensable outdoor advertising carrier. Especially in the city’s commercial center, crowded places, outdoor full color LED display is everywhere.

In the outdoor user real estate promotion, LED display is getting more and more widely used. Thanks to its self-luminous, thin and so on, outdoor LED display due to high brightness, which can meet the outdoor sunshine conditions under long-distance viewing needs. Its excellent color performance for outdoor real estate information released by color. The dynamic picture of the publicity effect far better than the traditional static print ads.

In the holidays or more tourists, the scenic entrance of the outdoor LED display can be real-time release of the parking lot of the parking space information and more concentrated areas of tourists, timely guidance vehicles, tourists evacuation, to prevent accidents caused by car, congestion caused by people. At the same time, distributed in the scenic area inside and outside the display screen can also be displayed from time to time scenic spots of the promo, as well as scenic areas related to the management requirements and emergency, dangerous areas of information tips, not only allow visitors to take the lead in the charm of beauty, More convenient, safe and enjoyable.