Controller settings and cable connection properly, sometimes full-color LED display the whole screen does not shine, which is what causes it? How to solve the problem? To understand these problems, we must first understand how the full color LED display is controlled.

LED full color control part is divided into:
1, computer + control software + discrete graphics 2, data transmission card 3, data receiving card. Its simple control process is: the control software through the discrete graphics on the computer to collect the video or picture data transmission to the sending card, through the sending card to the data receiving card above. Also have to understand the LED display it is not bright some of the overall reasons.

LED display screen is not bright reasons for the following:
1, the data line problem: cable line relaxation or fall off the whole screen does not shine.
2, the screen power supply problem: the whole screen power supply problems lead to all the light, to the first receiving card power supply 5v power supply problems will lead to the receiving card does not work, will lead to the whole screen is not bright;
3, computer software problems: computer LED control software reset, computer firewall control software to use, there will be such a problem.
4, graphics problems: graphics card damage or interface relaxation caused by data can not be collected; graphics card failure caused by data collection and transmission failure;
5, send the card problem: send the card damage caused by data can not accept or send;
6, the receiving card problem: the first card connected with the sending card problems, may lead to LED display screen does not shine;

The above is the most common cause full-color LED display the whole screen is not bright reasons, from the most basic start, step by step thorough investigation. If you still can not solve the problem can be directly to contact your after-sales LED display service manufacturers.