With the LED display more and more common, walking in the streets can be seen everywhere LED screen text, pictures, video and other information. But in the use of the process, we will find LED display will appear a bright line, in order to allow it to play more perfect, how to solve the LED display line it? LED display manufacturers for your analysis.
First, the LED display appears bright line for three reasons
1, product quality, but off. In the purchase of the time do not seek cheap to buy low-quality products. 2, voltage instability. Resulting in leakage of the phenomenon. 3, improper operation method, by the artificial operation error, affect the effect of the display.
Second, there are three solutions
1. Determine if the power supply is damaged
First determine whether the power supply is damaged, but also can not be used normally. Because a power supply controls several blocks at the same time. You can measure whether the output voltage between 4.9 ~ 5.5v. Not in this range, it is likely that the power is broken.
2, to determine whether the control card is damaged
First open the power to see if the control card indicator light is lit; if not bright, then check whether there is 5V voltage power supply, LED electronic screen can display the content, if you can display the contents of the control card display content function is good ; And then use the control card software to find out about the control card, if you can find the words, then the control card to send the contents of the function is good; if not found, then check the communication line is not connected, if connected, There is likely to be a problem. As long as these two functions are good, the control card is good, otherwise it is necessary to replace the control card.
3, check the unit board is damaged
LED display signals are transferred from one board to another. So there is a board out of the question, it will affect the back of the board. So one by one to check whether the unit board is normal.
Their own problems after troubleshooting, for the damage to the maintenance of the case, if their maintenance can not, you can contact the manufacturer, or sent to the manufacturers maintenance. For the serious part of the damage, you can let the maintenance of technical personnel to the site maintenance, to ensure that the LED display can be used normally.