What is the stage LED display? In fact, is used in the stage background LED display is called the stage LED display, this display is the biggest feature is able to provide a rich stage of the show stage, because of its large screen size and screen performance is very bright, so people can Produce an immersive scene feeling.

And we are well aware of the stage LED display in theatrical performances in a wide range of applications, and in the stage show highlights the great effect has been used most vividly, the stage screen can live, exciting scenes slow motion playback, close-up and special The creation of the background environment, etc., it can not only play the mood to the extreme, the realistic picture and shock the music effect of the perfect combination to create a magnificent and highly modern spectacular scenes; and also Large, clear game live screen, bring people immersive audiovisual feast.

Today for everyone to introduce the next stage of the main components of the LED display which:

1, the main screen

The main screen is the stage of the most central piece of large screen. Most of the time, the main screen shape is approximately square or rectangular. And because it shows the importance of content, so the main screen of the pixel density is relatively high demand for comparison. Now for the main screen display specifications are mainly P4, P5 and P6 three models.

2, vice screen

Vice screen is used for the main screen on both sides of the display. Its main role is to set off the main screen, so it shows the content is relatively more abstract. Therefore, it uses the models are relatively large. Now commonly used specifications are: P7.62, P8, P10, P12 and P16 and other models, and in the use of the process, are often used in the grid-type LED display.

3, video development screen

It is mainly used in relatively large occasions, such as: large-scale concerts, song and dance concerts and so on. In these cases, because the site is relatively large, there are many places can not see the stage performances and effects, so the side of the venue to set up one or two large screen. Its content is generally on the stage live broadcast, and now commonly used specifications and the main screen similar to P4, P5 and P6 three models of LED display using more, in some KTV, dance halls and other entertainment places will be used Some special-shaped stage LED display, that is, on the basis of LED display into a special shape of the LED display, so that the characteristics of new products can better adapt to the overall structure of the building and the environment, its size and size can be In accordance with the requirements to build, more peculiar shape and more beautiful.