Commonly used are commonly used in the LED display, and the curved screen with less, and the curved screen to know the arc length, chord length, string height can be on the steel structure, arc screen area, etc. Display manufacturers Xiaobian for you to detail the calculation of the curved screen and curved steel structure.

1. The amount of chord is long
The general arc length is more difficult to measure the size difference is large, so according to the string chord length calculated arc length and radius, to check. The difference can be within 10cm range, if the difference is large, please repeat the measurement and calculation.

2. String chord length measurement method
The distance between the two ends of the arc is the chord length, the midpoint of the chord to the midpoint of the curvilinear line is the height of the chord (or the distance from the midpoint of the chord to the arc)


3. According to the string chord length calculation arc length and radius method
Calculate the idea: the root formula to calculate the chord poly chords constitute the angle of the triangle. example:
① set the string height is b chord length 2a measurement 2a = 200 b = 60


② string chord length constitute a triangle side length is a = 100 b = 60


③ the chord of the chord is the length of the triangle is a = 100 b = 60 According to Pythagorean theorem calculation c-side pyramidore theorem formula: a square + b square = c square that: c = 116.62

④ According to the trigonometric function formula sin ∠ A = a / c (∠A for a diagonal) that is: sin ∠ A = 0.86 and then calculate the arc sine function of the calculator ∠A = 59.32 °


⑤ to b side of the extension to the center, ∠ B vertex to the center of the connection. That is, the formation of isosceles triangle. According to the triangle angle and 180 ° isosceles triangle ∠C = 62 ° is calculated arc curvature of 124 °


⑥ and then according to sin ∠ C = c / oblique edge formula sin62 = 100 / oblique edge and then the calculator sin62 0.883 that is inclined to 113.3 R = 113.3


⑦ arc circumference circumference is: circumference = 2πR = 2 * 3.14 * 113.3 = 711.52 perimeter / 360, the radius of each round of the value: 1.98 arc length = 1.98 per degree 1. Billboard radians 124 ° = 245.52.
The final derivation for the arc length: 245.52 radians: 124 ° Radius: 113.3

4. Compare the calculated arc length with the actual measured arc length
The difference can be within 250px range, if the difference is large, please repeat the measurement and calculation.