LED Display Helps to Build “Smart Cities”

Smart cities contain smart public services, smart transportation, smart urban complex , smart urban comprehensive management operating platform and others projects. In these projects, LED display industry plays a huge role in building of “Smart Cities”.

The big LED screen promotes the process of smart cities

“City Security construction” has always been the important part in building of “smart cities”, and the reliable security monitoring system solution is an essential part of it. The digitized, modularized, intelligent management system ,which takes the small spacing LED display as the core, achieved networked, integration, real-time, intelligent requirements which can effectively push the construction of smart cities.

Cooperative development of the LED display and smart ecosystem

In terms of product function, LED display is no longer only with the display function, but is the intelligent terminal with the functions of environment sensing, intelligent interactive recognition, communication etc. For the scope of application, LED display is no longer attached on building wall and billboards, but widely used in walking street, square, community, scenic region, commercial street, gas station, bus station, highway service area, toll station, etc.

Variety projects make the demand of LED display bigger

With the advancement of “smart cities”, LED display plays a more and more important role in aspects of command and dispatch system, wisdom management system, customized industry application system, etc. LED display makes great contribution to construction and development of “smart cities”. We can see LED display everywhere on people’s livelihood, environmental protection, public security, cities service, business activities, etc. The LED display plays a huge role in creating better city life.