On the occasion of the election of the led display products
Regardless of the size of the city, the street or the company’s office led display is very high, but we all know what kind of occasions to choose what kind of full color led display?
For outdoor plazas, indoor shopping malls and other different places, the use of the LED display has different characteristics, the user should be combined with the actual application requirements, select the most appropriate LED display.

In general, for the large area of the hall using P5 dual-color LED display, requiring the display, the use of P1O full color LED display. For the banking, postal, power and other business hall of the service window function definition, before the use of stickers method, very flexible. Now use the P5 single and double color display, ready to change the window of the service function.
For the station, the terminal, the import and export of large markets, the elevator flow guide, the use of P5 monochrome LED display. With a clear font, low prices, the advantages of cluster control. For banks, shopping malls and other occasions to show corporate image, advertising and other applications, requiring low prices, the use of P3.75 dual color display. Request to display picture video effects, use the P5 full color display.

From the application point of view, to meet the needs of users of the product there is a reason. Dual color display in the display text, color requirements are not high, no blue occasions, with its low price, mature and stable occupation of a large market. Outdoor LED full color display size, viewing distance on the price plays a decisive role. The farther away, the larger the model, the larger the pixel, the higher the brightness. Outdoor LED display because of the use of poor environment, the quality of a higher demand, to consider the factors are more. Because of its high brightness, full color, all-weather work has its advantages can not be replaced, but the price is relatively high single-color LED display high.
In what kind of environment to choose the appropriate led display products, is energy saving and can save the cost of the best way!