LED Full Color Screen of a Brief Introduction

LED on the full color of our main features, technical principles and professional terms of the three aspects of color.

First of all, its main features: LED full color with red, green and blue three-color LED, each tube of 256 gray composition of 16,777,216 kinds of colors. Full-color LED display system, using the latest LED technology and control technology, so that full-color LED display lower prices, more stable performance, lower power consumption, higher resolution unit, the color is more realistic, Fewer electronic components, making the failure rate reduced.

Followed by its technical principle, which can be divided into two categories, one is the virtual pixel display control technology: it uses the pixel is a multiplexing mode control technology, in the display image, the same point than the real pixel display mode Clarity improved by four times, performance and high cost ratio. Virtual pixel screen only need to correspond to the real pixels of the 1/4 area, you can display the same effect of the image, is the latest LED technology and control theory. The other is real pixel display control technology. Finally, in the technical term color, it will be red and green LED together as a pixel produced by the display called two-color screen or color screen; the red, green and blue LED tube together as a pixel display Called three-color screen or full-color screen.