What are the maintenance methods for the touch screen? In the era of rapid technological development, touch screen display has been widely used. Whether in the mall, or in the hotel, the lobby and even some sections of the street, touch screen display has been for our work and life provides a great convenience, it has been and our lives are closely related to the integration. In the cost-effective high-touch screen display life is relatively long, even so that we still need to maintain our attention. The following by the joint hair made small series for everyone to briefly introduce the four maintenance methods.
Liancheng made LED display
1, do not use in high temperature environment
Do not use in high temperature environment, when the ambient temperature reaches 40 ℃ or above the case will easily lead to touch screen capacitive screen drift, if long term to this will lead to touch screen display serious damage or even scrapped, to Companies or individuals cause economic losses are very inconvenient.

2, do not let the strong magnetic field close to the touch screen
In the magnetic field must be used to avoid the electromagnetic field, because the magnetic field will cause the temporary tension of the capacitive screen. But also need to pay attention to audio and the like with magnetic things, so as far as possible not to let it close to the touch screen display.

3, do not let it produce electrostatic effects
We all know that the electrostatic effect is easy to wear capacitive screen, although the touch screen display capacitive screen surface of the glass have a certain anti-static treatment, but can only withstand a certain intensity of static electricity, so the selection of touch screen protective film Of the time must be doubly noticed, as far as possible the selection of anti-static ability of the protective film.

4, do not let the oil, sweat touch the touch screen
Perhaps fewer people know that because the oil, sweat, etc. touch the touch screen will be covered in the above to form a dense conductive layer caused by screen drift, so touch the display should be away from oil and sweat. So the joint recommendation of the majority of consumers in the use of touch-screen display when the attention of more than 4 points, a good protection and maintenance of the correct use of touch screen display, as far as possible to use the longest time, so as not to spend unnecessary economic losses.