EC4L and EC5L were newly launched; they belong to VISS EC series. It is a cost effective solution for concert stages, corporate events, and other outdoor jobs.

Here are the key features of this product: autolock system brings you the quickest installation experience ever; concave and convex with easy operations; toolless and quick service from rear; fast and accurate asembly; rotated installations possible; favorable size and weight.

It is an ideal solution to make your stage creative. EC series comes in tiles of 500x500mm, 7.5kg, and 500x1000mm, 13.5kg; These two tiles can be used together to make your designs more flexible, and thanks to the auto-lock system and the super light weight, it makes the installations fast and significantly reduces the operating costs and transportation costs.

For your better understanding about EC series, let’s study the main specifications of the EC4L and EC5L screens.
Real IP65 protection makes the EC4L/EC5L competent for your outdoor jobs, together with 2880Hz refresh rate and up to 4500nits/4000nits brightness, plus the curveability and 500mm/1000mm combination, you can count on this ECL series to make your clients’ events easy, creative and stable.