Rental Market Has Been the “Alchemist’s Stone” Of The LED Display Industry

Overseas market has been a pot of gold before China is the country-of- manufacture of 80% LED display in the world. Not only the first-rate companies at home establish overseas offices to attend world leading LED display exhibitions, but also some small and medium enterprises sell their products by various ways, for example by OEM, ODM etc. So to say that overseas market is the very important sales market of our LED industry.

While in overseas market, besides the well known patent, trade protection, after-sale and others difficult problems, some overseas market is more strictly than domestic on outdoor fixed management. For some areas of European, there is a limit on quantity of permanent projects whose approval requirements are very strictly, and the approval time is uncertain. So the rental market develops fastest in overseas. Many large enterprises say that rental products will be the main products for overseas sale. In overseas, it’s difficult for enterprises to get satisfied sales without big energy on rental market.

Though mountains are famous for living saints and waters gains miraculous for residing dragons, while if the water is not deep enough, how can keep a dragon? There is a consensus in the industry that outdoor market is bigger than indoor market. On the condition that outdoor permanent projects are restricted everywhere, it’s no doubt that outdoor rental projects will stand out. The rental market maybe the deep sea to keep the dragon.

Rental market is not only the market worth digging, but also a hammer that can develop good enterprises. Nowadays the common standards of industry, for example the fast installation, fast inspection, light designed cabinet, are all the requirements from the rental market on LED display.

Many excellent application solutions, technology are also checked and optimized in rental market.

So rental market is the very important application market for improving industry level. Rental market covers all levels of outdoor, indoor, high-end, low-end. Enterprises must make a breakthrough in product connotation, sales channel and after-sales service if they want to succeed in this most competitive market.