Stage LED display HD broadcast experience more and more people in the stage design rush, not just the wedding, some annual meeting, the theme show if you use the LED screen will make the audience horizon experience more shocking. However, in today’s wedding planning, LED screen, although playing a wedding photo, playback pro-pro fragment, live wedding and other major responsibilities, but may not be more people choose.
In different periods, the dramatists put the latest ideas, the latest science and technology to the stage, show in front of the audience, since the emergence of electricity to accelerate the stage technology and stage design innovation. Stage lighting from the kerosene lamp era into the era of halogen tungsten lamp, and then to the later gas discharge lamp, and then to the era of computer lights, stage design from the original stage to the mechanical stage set. In recent years, with the emergence and development of LED technology, stage lighting also turned to LED era, the stage design also quickly applied to the stage design and scenery, LED large screen appeared in the world of various stage performances.
Now generally appear on the stage of the big screen design, basically divided into three kinds:
The first: the stage according to the stage to LED screen as the main body, in the various units around the screen to leave the light of the stage.
This stage is also more common, like the Oriental TV’s “Come on good boy” party, set up the stage as a whole stage of the stage frame, the screen patchwork hanging on the stage frame above the screen and the screen between the hanging Shook his head on the computer lights. It is the screen so that the depth of the patchwork of the arrangement, the stage of the disappearance of the lead to the distance, so that the entire screen depth of field longer, resulting in a strong perspective effect, coupled with the edge to keep so many lights to play and play Space, the whole stage without losing the good atmosphere and dynamic, but also expressed the theme of this party. However, this stage structure will appear to be relatively simple, not vivid.

The second: just the big screen as a stage design of all, large screen design for the background, side screen, the scene of the space time everything is to complete the big screen, the actors do no physical performance.
This is a lot of places to use this way, of course, it has its advantages, that is, save money and save money, a picture, the story of the account of things, can account. A video screen to the whole form of the program can be out of the sense, in particular, some local television stations, bought a large screen, save a lot of cost of the costume.
But this will inevitably lead to the whole stage is conceptualization, today to play rural scenes, the background for the picture of the rural housing, tomorrow, the city, for a high-rise building pictures, to paragraph dynamic music, put a dynamic pattern. No stage characteristics, but also to the stage was very thin, no three-dimensional, the audience slightly off the point of view, to see a plane, maybe also a little reflective.
This form of the stage to do the best should be the Central Taiwan Spring Festival party, the whole stage, up and down are large screen, like a box-style set, so a large plane in the small screen can also be a separate Lift up and down. When the program needs to be high on the stage when the small screen on the stage can be through the respective lift the first shape of the mountain and then on the basis of this, with three-dimensional mountain pictures, background scenery as a background, the top of the big screen display The shape of the sky, coupled with the video production team on the screen video carefully handled, composed of a three-dimensional realistic, virtual ideal space, and the space of the image can be sports.

From the perspective, the stage is both the whole and the atmosphere, but from the close view, LED large screen inevitably there will be grainy and unreal, resulting in a separate effect, this is still a little lack of lighting design is left to play Space is too small, because it is box-style set, to the light installation location is extremely limited, so the stage will lack the atmosphere of light, ambient light, so that the stage will lack the atmosphere of the scene. This stage cost is high, all with a single LED screen to build a good stage, it is difficult to show the perfect stage effect.
The third: to LED large screen as the stage of the “center”, or the background of the stage, plus the front of the real scene, the composition of the stage set.
2012 CCTV Mid-Autumn evening party, the design is clever. Fuzhou, the field of ancient buildings over the use of LED screen to build a large moon, the party to the building before the open space as a stage, the building as a background to the moon as the main elements of the performance, stage design clever, so that LED screen with the real Seamless, in line with the theme of the party, and the stage of the sense of form and three-dimensional sense is very strong, but also to the light there is enough space, such a stage that is consistent with the traditional aesthetic concept, but also increased the modern scientific and technological elements, Are very real, showing a more perfect stage effect.
Of course, the stage style of all kinds, each era will have different forms of stage performance, but LED is undoubtedly has become a trend of the times, every corner of life can be seen everywhere in the stage is indispensable. Application of science and technology is not the only means, the key is what we can use the means to achieve the desired stage effect.
These are just some of the more common design of the program, Hua Ze photoelectric will be tailored according to your site design and program, to provide you with better full color LED display project.
Stage LED large screen design: because the led screen is rented according to the square number, in other words the greater the square the more expensive the price In fact, the square number of led screen is entirely depends on the stage design effect, and today we look at several led screen wedding stage design to see how to make the best use!
The first: embedded as the name suggests is led screen embedded in the background of a frame frame. Stage background or some, or is built with KT board background, or is built with a cloth mantle background, but no matter what kind of Beijing led screen like a big led TV as in the center of the stage, The proportion is not a lot, just let people see the screen only.
Advantages: high-definition playback quality is good, the area is relatively low price; shortcomings: small enough atmosphere
The second: the combination of led screen placed in the center, with both sides of the background board and as one, forming a comprehensive design of the stage background. At present this design is more choices led screen people to accept.
Advantages: a large area of the screen display to make the visual enjoy more praise, and as a part of the stage background appear more harmonious; Disadvantages: such area led screen want to have the atmosphere of the stage background can only use KT board placed on both sides , And pull the gauze mantle is difficult to match with the led screen.
The third stage: a single vertical This is the local tyrann’s led screen, the background of the stage is the led screen, and no KT board, there is no other stage design elements, and all the logo, images and pictures are through this large Led screen display.
Advantages: the atmosphere domineering, the guests of the feast is really 360 degrees no corner can watch the contents of the led screen; Disadvantages: In addition to the price of what is it
The fourth: the background of the discrete stage or the whole, or KT board design, or pull the gauze mantle design, but the led screen is set in the background plate side, or both sides have, or only one side , A bit like the position of the projection screen, just to temporarily play wedding photos or video settings, and not the stage background and integration.
Advantages: can reduce the design requirements for the stage background, the stage background can be more flexible use of simple materials to complete; Disadvantages: low cost, the area can not be too small, but the use of the performance is not high, resulting in high prices low utilization.
These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of some of the design, Hua Ze photoelectric will be tailored according to your site design and program, to provide you with better full-color LED display project