The digital signage market is growing rapidly. Recent data shows: the market of digital signage is expected to grow at an annual rate of 18.2% over four years, which LED display and LCD display will promote the growth of the market, while the biggest growth will appear on the 65inch or bigger displays. Research shows that more than half of the public display market’s revenue comes from the big screen in 2019.

As well all know, the LED display has always been the king in big screen displays, which also has the advantages of seamless splicing, modularity and flexibility. In addition, the development of small space technology in these two years, the mature of various display solutions in the industry and the usage of new material promote LED display moving in a light and thin direction. These signs indicate that the current LED display has plenty of room to grow in digital signage.

Field of outdoor advertising
It is well known that LCD、OLED technique is so called “death-upon-light”, while the LED display is inborn outdoor show king. The flexible and modular features of LED display can make digital signage more changeable. At the same time, innovative screens, mosaic screens and other diversified LED screens also create a variety of independent choices for digital signage. With the popularization and promotion of technology, LED displays are a good choice either in a glamorous city or in terms of cost.

Field of commercial windows
The advantages of LED digital signage in the field of commerce are increasing. Recently, with the progress of technology and the continuous emergence of innovative products, for example, the LED double transparent screen displayed at the Shanghai international LED exhibition and the interactive LED transparent digital signage with new infrared, face recognition, body sensing technology, 3D/VR, etc not only can meet the needs of diversified display of different products to beautify shopping environment but also can enhance the customers’ shopping experience.

Field of education display
As the digital signage and professional video director Sanju Khatri of IHS Markit said: “In the long term, the growth of digital signage revenue will be driven by demand for large-size displays.”

There have been a lot of limitations in the application of multimedia in education, such as the fact that teachers are restricted to computers, which difficult to interact with students in real time. With the coming of smart education era. LED display enterprises can make full use of digital signage to possess powerful system functions and rich intelligent interation applications, which can help LED display shine in education.