The Four Reasons To Choose The Carbon Fiber Material For Rental Display


Rental display users attach much importance to performance of durability, slim and light degree. For these reasons, excellent properties carbon fiber material is increasingly used for manufacture on LED display. So, how can carbon fiber change the performance of the LED display?


Light weight

The weight of products made by carbon fiber material is half as much as any others products, so it’s easier to install and transport, which can save much cost. That means rental companies can make extra profits by reducing labor and transportation cost.


More durable

Carbon fiber is made by long and thin material whose diameter is less than human hair (0.0002 inch or 0.010mm or 5-10 micrometers). To be specific, it consists of carbon atoms that are combined in microscopic crystals. On aspect of durability, its corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance are very excellent.


High strength

Carbon fiber display has a quite high strength/volume ratio, which makes its strength higher than other same size products on the market. This allows rental companies to truly benefits from less fearful of the impact of products breakage or wear.



Rental activities cover from small indoor business meetings to large outdoor concerts. Nowadays, the demand for digital solutions is steadily rising. Some well-known manufactures have formed a set of carbon fiber display application solutions to meet the users’ increasingly diversified application requirements.