LED performance screen as the table in the confession of the carrier, with the confession of the media have a natural contact. Observe the invention, in the past year, LED display screen in the outdoor use of the share of the trade market, although there is an increase in the trend, but the increase in energy is not the number of screens to add, but the original screen value.
According to the prestigious research firm HIS statistics, 2014 global digital signage market income exceeded $ 15.1 billion, an increase of 6% over the previous year. Among them, the largest share of the digital signage to 2018 will be completed more than 6 billion US dollars in revenue for the commercial performance of the industry invented a sophisticated opportunity to develop. Which is a symbol, followed by the use of the needs of the promotion of the trade market, the traditional form of operation was no longer enough to promote the industry to continue to carry out, LED performance screen industry if you want to increase the volatility, we must take the road of precision, refined use, and LED performance Manufacturers of indoor use of the development of the market and the digital signings of the full investment is this new experiment on this innovation.
LED advertising machine is also the LED screen to deepen the digital signage category of other forms of skills to develop and market view from time to time to promote, making digital signage outdoor use has become a tide, the market range of agile expansion. Relevant institutions speculated that by 2015, the number of outdoor sales of confession is expected to reach 3.4 billion dollars. Magnificent growth space has become the industry’s full investment into the original energy. Compared with the indoor situation, the outdoor situation is relatively large, so the performance of the digital signage terminal made a higher request, which is clearly visible in the sun is the main condition, and at this level, LED performance screen has a natural advantage itself Luminous brightness and support the active brightness of the conditioning, in the visible interval of direct sunlight on the appearance of the screen when the content is still clear.
Shenzhen LED display
In addition to the traditional digital signage terminal, LED greeting machine is also another form of LED display screen deepening digital signage. With LED performance screen inherent advantages, LED advertising machine, whether it is in the cover area as usual in the performance of the results are reflected because the traditional LCD advertising machine, more suitable for the use of outdoor advertising machine.
Digital signage or will become a small pitch LED performance screen of the best battlefield at the beginning of the birth, small spacing LED products will be used to lock the main purpose of the indoor, which also symbolizes the development is not yet happy small pitch LED Products and has been very mature LCD splicing screen, DLP splicing screen is facing resistance, although the courage to cheer, but the process is certainly hard, and the results may not be clear in the short term. In this situation, there are industry insiders that, from the presence of the sky after the outdoor digital signage market will undoubtedly be a lot of hands. Co-ordinate the ideal strengths and future development, digital signage machine use or will become the smallest pitch LED displays performance screen of the best battlefield.