Outdoor LED display shows the effect is not more clear, then directly affect the overall effect of LED display. How can we let the LED display in the outdoor display more clearly? Full color LED display contrast, refresh rate, gray level and other technical indicators directly affect the level of LED full color display display:
First, the contrast increase
Contrast is one of the key factors that affect the visual effect, in general, the higher the contrast, the more clear the image eye-catching, the more vivid colors. High contrast for the image clarity, details of the performance, gray level performance are very helpful. In some black and white contrast text, video display, high contrast led display in black and white contrast, clarity, integrity and other aspects have advantages. Contrast for the dynamic video display effect to be greater, because the dynamic image in the light and dark conversion faster, the higher the contrast, the human eye easier to distinguish such a conversion process.
Second, improve the display contrast two main methods
2, reduce the LED display surface reflectivity is mainly in the LED panel and LED tube for a special process to reduce the LED panel reflectivity, thereby improving the led display contrast. NX series point spacing of 4mm LED full color high-end display, from the original process 950: 1 upgrade to 4000: 1, the product in the contrast of this key indicators have been greatly improved.
1, to improve the brightness of the led display LED display in some occasions, not the higher the better. Such as indoor display, if the brightness is too high, the formation of light pollution, the sight of the observer damage.
Third, the gray level
Gray level is led display single color brightness from the darkest to the brightest between the brightness of the series can be distinguished, led the higher the gray level of the display, the richer the color, the more colorful color; the other hand, show a single color , The change is simple. The improvement of the gray level can greatly enhance the color depth, making the display level of the image color increase in geometric number. LED gray level control level of 14bit ~ 16bit, making the high-end display products to distinguish the details of the image and display the results have reached the world advanced level. With the development of hardware technology, LED gray scale will continue to develop a higher control accuracy.