Through the LED display U disk how to change the word? Many friends have such doubts, the following to LED display with U disk to change the word how to solve this problem, the joint venture for everyone to explain and explain the next:

LED display U disk to change the word software software menu has a section, click on the USB download, set the parameters and content saved to the U disk inside it. Change the program directly with U disk copy content to get on the LED display on the line.

The operation flow is as follows:
1. With the LED display comes with the software produced on the computer,

2. Then there is a software download to the U disk options,

3. Then the U disk to the LED display below the USB interface plug,

4. Wait a minute, pull out the U disk just fine.

Warm reminder: choose to transfer data through the USB interface to modify the LED display content, you need to modify the LED display control software inside. And set the screen parameters (this has a relationship with the LED display control card). And then point to USB download, will be modified to download the contents of the U disk. And then the U disk connected to the computer USB interface can be. The above is on the LED display u disk to change the word method, and other ways to change the word: through the computer, mobile phone (or remote control). If you are not familiar with the word change, please contact your service provider for technical support.