Traffic Guidance LED Display Knowledge

As an important link to ensure the safety of urban traffic – traffic guidance system, according to the induction of information dissemination according to the different information delivery, divided into individuals and groups in two directions. Outdoor LED display, wireless radio, television, Internet, telephone inquiries and so are group-oriented induction information release, since the former widely developed and commonly used in the main way is the outdoor LED display, which is one of the more effective way. LED display production and application of semiconductor optoelectronic devices technology, electronic circuit technology, integrated circuit technology, information image processing and transmission technology, computer network communications technology and electronic products manufacturing and electronic product installation engineering related technologies. Different applications of the LED display has different characteristics, traffic-induced information outdoor LED display, according to the requirements of road traffic management and the information to be released in the actual situation, in the use of the function has the following characteristics. First, the requirements of high brightness, perspective to a reasonable traffic to guide the outdoor LED display, instantly in the case of direct sunlight on the surface of the display, the display should be able to clearly visible, therefore, need to have a higher brightness. Under normal circumstances the visual distance required at 200m or so. However, because the road-induced LED display is mainly for the road on the driving vehicle, so the viewing angle of the display is not high, in the city on the road generally ± 35 ° or so is a reasonable perspective. The same time as the above-
Second, avoid using complex indicators
Traffic information is mainly for the dynamic driving of the vehicle, so that the group is destined to travel in the vehicle within the visual distance of the residence time is very short, and the driver’s spirit is highly centralized, so should avoid the use of complex multi-gray graphics And animation content, display content mostly text and simple graphic logo. Taking into account the common color of the traffic sign signal, usually use red, green, yellow three-color display. Red, green, yellow three bell color can be displayed separately, indicating the recommendations and warning information. The same time as the above-
Third, the display brightness is automatically adjustable
Because it is necessary to work 24 hours a day, the ambient illumination changes very much, it is necessary to ensure that the display in the sunny day maximum illumination is clearly visible, but also to avoid the rainy days and night “glare” phenomenon, so the LED display brightness needs According to the ambient illumination for automatic adjustment. Under normal circumstances, traffic induced outdoor LED display brightness adjustment should be more than 8 level. The same time as the above-
Fourth, security, real-time, accuracy, reliability requirements
Traffic guidance information real-time, accuracy and reliability requirements are higher, so the need for traffic-induced LED display work stability and reliability, the spare parts and software systems should be stable and reliable. At the same time, traffic-induced LED display generally work in the network environment, the public information release, information encryption is also very important. The same time as the above-
In addition to the above points, traffic guidance outdoor LED display system should also consider the placement, display type, technical parameters, system control, product structure, supporting projects and other factors.