VISS Stadium Stadium LED Display Program

First, viss exhibition stadium LED display description
The stadium LED display is designed according to the special application requirements of the stadium. It is mainly used in commercial advertising in the stadium, wonderful scenes, slow motion playback, close-up, etc., to bring the perfect visual feast to the audience The (Including video, time, text, chart, animation and scoreboard system), the video video processor can be used to achieve real-time communication, management and integration of dynamic display content (such as: video, time, text, graphics, animation and scoreboard system Etc.), but also through the software partition function to achieve full-screen multi-window display, which can display images, real-time display, text, clock, race scores. Unparalleled video quality, excellent color performance, real-time live events, for sports sponsors and sponsors to enhance the brand image, delivery of promotional information at the same time, but also to ensure that each audience can feel the most exciting and perfect competition.


 Stadium LED display function
1, commercial advertising to play the game icing on the cake, perfect picture quality and sound effects, so that the scene more game atmosphere and shocking.
2, introduce the player information, the game situation. Oversized, clear match live screen, breaking the seat of the restrictions, so long distance to watch the game easier.
3, connecting the referee system, chronograph system, LED display can play the game time and score in real time.
4, slow motion playback has become the basis for the referee to make the right decision to maintain the fairness of the game, just to reduce the unnecessary conflict.
5, wonderful scenes, slow motion playback, close-up, to the audience to bring the perfect visual feast.
 Stadium LED display features
★ sports venues LED display with a light control system, according to changes in the brightness of the outdoor environment automatically adjust the brightness of the display, energy saving, greatly reducing your operating costs; but also make the audience easier to accept;
★ product launch has a low-power solution, the display can run than the original energy-saving 1/3, further greatly reducing your operating costs;
★ has a high refresh rate and high gray, so that the LED display screen more realistic, to meet the commercial use of high visual quality requirements;
★ with brightness, color point by point correction function, so that the LED display screen is more rich, to meet the commercial use of high visual quality requirements;
★ The use of efficient optical fiber transmission system, effectively reducing the transmission distance on the football field far from the signal delay caused by the phenomenon, to ensure the consistency of the screen play;
★ has a dual network cable hot backup function, two computers at the same time control a screen, when a computer problems, another computer automatically take over to ensure that the display work properly;
★ waterproof effect, with IP65 degree of protection, so that the display in the rainy weather can continue to work for you;
★ LED video control system with a dual backup system, in the event of failure, customers can immediately switch to the standby system;
★ equipped with a dedicated stadium playing software, so you are very easy to score management, program playback, advertising and program table editing;
★ has up to 4800Hz refresh rate to meet the needs of sports on the dynamic shooting, effectively avoid the shooting when the flicker;
★ ultra-thin aluminum box, the entire box made of aluminum alloy material, lightweight and practical;
★ new lifting structure, so that the installation of the box can be effectively adjusted when the installation of splicing gap;
★ product launch has a low-power solution, the display can run than the original energy-saving 1/3, further greatly reducing your operating costs;
★ all the display information can be used remote network control, just use the mouse click operation can easily replace the screen information, in order to achieve the city and regional advertising display network cluster;
★ before the use of maintenance design, easy to post-maintenance;
★ The company also provides customers with the relevant maintenance spare parts, all the spare parts are modular design, easy after-sales maintenance;
★ According to customer requirements and on-site environment, tailored to the most appropriate LED display solution;
 The stadium LED display solution


 Sports venues LED display applications
Widely used in soccer field LED display, basketball hall LED display, swimming center LED display, stadium sports field LED display, funnel-shaped sports LED display, stadium wall LED display, outdoor pillar sports LED display and other sports venues LED display.
Sports stadium LED display case