With The Help of “ THE BELT AND ROAD”, The Chinese LED Display Will Be More Powerful


It is a prosperous prelude to the first half of year 2017, we are looking forward to its glorious performance for the second half. 2017 is the steady progress year of the LED display industry. With the strategy opportunity of “the belt and road”, the continuous seepage of overseas market and the continuous advanced development of home market, the LED display industry’s passion grows stronger.

Although the belt and road is not the exclusive terms of LED display, while in the major environment of the belt and road, LED display gets the larger development space. For the expanding Chinese LED display industry , it may create the effect of “1+1>2 ”.

According to the statistics: in 2016, the global LED display market is $16 billion, and in 2020, the market can reach $31billion. On the other side, with the development of technology and quickening of the globalization process, the Chinese LED display industry, which not only on technique application, but also on market share, has been the significant part among the global LED display industry. In 2017, with the speeding up of the process of globalization and economic strategy unceasingly thorough of “the belt and road”, our LED display industry export is being greatly promoted.

It’s said that the total volume of trade between the China and nations alongside “the belt and road” is more than $3 trillion from 2014 to 2016. China invests more than $50 billion to nations alongside “the belt and road”. Chinese enterprises has built 56 economic and trade cooperation zones in more than 20 countries, which created about $1.1 billion revenue and 180,000 jobs. The most nations alongside “the belt and road” are developing countries, so many industry markets are blank. The market of LED display industry is just like raw jade waiting to be carved. The emerging markets taking Russia and Southeast Asia as representatives’ countries are all our new blue ocean for LED display export.

The construction of “ the belt and road ” has taken a major step, and the next step is to promote it running firmly. The Chinese LED display industry still has a long way to go. Let us look forward to the wonderful performance of LED display industry.